Make sure your event is remembered.

For all the right reasons.

We’ve all been to an event where we’ve had to queue up for a toilet, only to find the smell is unbearable. It’s not the impression you want people to leave with. If any event, big or small, we can help you avoid that situation! At Kiwi Flush we supply portable toilets that are flushed using fresh water, which means they smell a whole lot nicer. And they leave your event guests a lot happier.

We can service:

  • Sports events
  • Music events
  • Corporate events
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Reunions
  • School events
  • Film and TV
  • Festivals

How many toilets will you need?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend one portable toilet per 50 people. However usage requirements can vary, depending on the length of the event and the amount of food and beverage being consumed. To get an accurate estimate of your specific event requirements, simply get in touch.

Small event? Why not pick up your own toilet.
For small, quick events, it might easier to use one of our trailers to pick up a toilet yourself. We also have hot water gas showers that fit on the same trailers - simply plug in a hose and away you go!

Need a toilet that's wheelchair friendly?
Not only are our toilets 24% bigger than normal, we also offer a wheelchair accessible toilet that provides guests with more room to move. This model comes with interior hand rails and a self-closing door. 

Thank you for being an absolute breeze to work with and supplying super professional service. Kiwi Flush was the perfect fit for Shipwrecked Festival.
— Jay & Logan @ Shipwrecked Festival

Why call Kiwi Flush first?

For larger events our toilets can be switched to recirculated water. 

Helpful team to assist you with portaloos for events big and small.

Talk to us about your event details and we'll work our servicing out to suit you.

Our toilets are 24% bigger than other toilets in the premium market.

Roll in, oversized self-closing doors, handrails.

Kiwi Flush Portaloos at Events