Portable Toilets for Trade

Give your builders a decent on-site portable toilet.
Finding good builders is tough. Keeping them can be even tougher. Sometimes holding onto key staff can come down to the small things, like providing an on-site portaloo that doesn’t stink to high heaven. At Kiwi Flush we know that builders work hard and we believe they deserve to use a portable toilet that’s as clean as a building site toilet can be.

Big jobs, small jobs - we do it.
At Kiwi Flush we do everything, from craning toilets onto large, multi-level building sites, to dropping off portaloos to small residential renovations.

We know where your portable toilet is at, at all times!
Every Kiwi Flush portable toilet has its own barcode. We know when it leaves our depot, when it arrives on-site and when it's serviced.  And once we've set up your account, hiring a new portaloo takes a single call or email.

Improve your workplace health and safety.
Because we deliver a superior portable toilet product, and service that product with greater efficiency, we improve the working conditions on every site.  Our portaloos all have hand basins and anti-bacterial soap too which helps create a better H & S outcome for all workers onsite.

Tow away your own toilet.
To be fair, most our clients prefer the ease of getting a portable toilet dropped off to their site. But on small, quick jobs, you can always use one of our trailers to pick up a toilet yourself. We also have hot water gas showers that fit on the same trailers - they're handy for those dirty jobs, or ones where you're dealing with hazardous materials.


Thanks so much for making this whole process so easy. The service I received was absolutely amazing!
— Kayla C

Why call Kiwi Flush first?

We only hire portable toilets flushed with fresh water.

Just book your portaloo and forget it.

We promise to service every portable toilet every week.

Our portaloos are 24% bigger than other toilets in the premium market.

Thank you for the excellent and extremely high quality service, you have a great product and its been much appreciated on our construction site.
— Simon W.
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