Frequently Asked Questions

What is your service area?
North Waikato to Mahurangi. However if you require portaloos outside of this area get in contact with us and we can provide you with a quote.


What type of portable toilets do you have?
All our portable toilets are fresh water flushing with freshwater handbasin and hands free pumps. For large events we also offer a recirculating option with a fresh water hand basin and hands free pumps.


Do they have hand basins?
All of our portable toilets have fresh water hand basins with liquid hand soap. Our business strongly believes in improving health and safety.


Do you supply old style, non flushable drop tank portaloos like other suppliers?
No at Kiwi Flush we strongly believe in improving health and safety so all our portable toilets are full fresh water flush.


Is toilet paper supplied?
Yes, toilet paper, liquid soap, and fresh water is all supplied and included in your rental hire cost. 


Do Kiwi Flush provide a service to empty, clean, supply fresh water and restock our portable toilet?
Yes, Kiwi Flush provides a automatically scheduled once weekly full service starting on the second week of the hire. Our fully trained and qualified drivers will restock all consumables and suck out waste water and replenish all the fresh water in the tank. Kiwi Flush can also provide a more frequent service schedule to maintain the upkeep of our portable toilets while on site. For events services can be scheduled in when making a booking if required.


Do your portable toilets have wheelchair access?
Yes, portaloos with wheelchair access can be provided. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.


How many people does a Kiwi Flush toilet cater to?
Depending on the job site or event Kiwi Flush recommends one portable toilet for a construction site will cater to ten people on a 40 hour working week. If staff are working longer hours, an additional service can be scheduled in or an additional unit could be hired to cater for increase in usage. 


How many toilets do I need for my event?
Kiwi Flush has a rule of thumb for events of 1 portable toilet per 50 people at an evening event with food and beverages. Usage requirements vary greatly with type of event, open hours, and hospitality supplied. Multi day events normally require portable toilets to be serviced daily. 


Can Kiwi Flush portable toilets be used in a night event?
Yes we have full fresh water flush toilets that have solar lighting as an option. 


What size are the Kiwi Flush portable toilets?
Our premium unit offers 24% more interior floor space than other units in its class. Also our wheel chair accessible option can give guests more space to manoeuvre and/or change clothing. 


Do the portable toilets have to be delivered?
No Kiwi Flush offer a single or double galvanised trailer unit for events. These are ideal for weekend hire - parties, weddings or temporary facilities. Please contact us to find out more. The double trailer fits one or two portable toilets or one toilet and one instant gas hot water shower unit.


What time do you service?
At Kiwi Flush we pride ourselves on being a service based company therefore we will work with the client and decide on a convenient service time that doesn’t disrupt the event or the neighbours. We can service 24/7 and our preference is when the venue is free of people. If the hire is only for one day we try and service once the portaloo has been retrieved however it may need to be emptied prior to removal from the site.